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Julie Geller’s much-anticipated first CD, This Road, has arrived. Released on the Riparius Records label, it is an eclectic collection of songs that are held together by exemplary songwriting, superb musicianship and a genuine live and improvisational feel. In creating the CD, Geller selected nine original compositions from her diverse repertoire. The tracks range from soulful gospel and traditional Jewish music to contemporary Israeli, rock and folk. Geller then put together an eight-piece band featuring some of the best prospects to emerge from New England Conservatory in recent years. For well over a year before the recording, the band performed Geller’s music in concerts throughout the Boston and New York areas, developing a unique sound along the way. Finally, working with esteemed producer Gar Ragland, the group spent a couple of days recording the music at Wellspring Studios in Acton, Mass., culminating in an in-studio performance before a live audience. The result is a tightly knit CD with captivating songs and a fluid, organic sound.

"Julie Geller's songs speak straight from her heart, with a direct emotional power seldom heard in contemporary songwriting. From the religious affirmation of Yah Ribon and Lord Above, to the tenderness of Heenach Yaffa and Ana Dodi, to the mystery of This American Night, Julie and her extraordinary band will keep you spellbound during every moment of this extraordinary CD.”

- Hankus Netsky, founder and director, Klezmer Conservatory Band


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