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The unadorned guitar and vocal arrangements make for a deeply intimate collection, reminiscent of haunting rural atmosphere and the melancholy of late afternoon.
–Performing Songwriter, May/June 2002 click here for full review

. . .always interesting and unpredictable. Drawing on a wide range of influences, Ragland has a knack for unusual grooves and musical twists, keeping our attention and drawing us into his wry tales and character sketches.

–Sing Out! Summer 2002

Whether baring his naked soul, singing about tortured people he’s met along the way, or getting down to some good ol’ "N’awlins Fonkiness," Gar Ragland’s uniquely talented style and presentation will take you on an unforgettable journey. This is the first songwriter album to do this for me in a while.

–The Noise, September 2001

Armed with a lone guitar, voice and quirky sense of observation, Ragland delivers an interesting collection of tunes that are both entertaining and intriguing- a modern day poet of the highest order. Superbly original and refreshing.

–Metronome, October 2001


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