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On his debut cd as a leader, guitarist composer Ro'i Raz introduces the music that has manifested itself through him, being on an ongoing journey, visiting east and west, home and away, past and present, longing for awakening to a true knowledge of self, ultimately trying to follow the melody to where it has to go on it's own way to the light.

At times lyrical, other times poignant, then philosophical, Between The Suns includes compositions and improvisations for acoustic guitar and varied ensembles consisting of upright bass, percussion, drums, cello, flute, clarintet, violin, trumpet, and vocals. It also includes some spoken word of sufi and biblical sources, that help tie the whole CD into a chain of spiritual phases. And while hinting upon the story of the music in verse, also reveal some of the states of mind that meditated this work.

" ...Israeli jazz guitarist is joined by some American friends of his to create a very athmospheric, lyrical, ''ECMish'' music. This is a beautiful work... "
-Yossi Acchoti, The Third Ear

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