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Formed as an outlet for creative songwriting and instrumental improvisation, Trikona took its first breath in the basement of Boston's New England Conservatory in the spring of 1999. The trio's name, meaning "three corners" in Sanskrit, reflects the way that each of its members uniquely contributes to the musical development of the group. Trikona's creative direction is founded on strong songwriting, tightly executed vocal harmonies and a deep respect for the groove.

"For me, Trikona is all about musical expression in the fellowship of my bandmates," says Gar Ragland, "and conveying this as intensively as possible to our audience." A recent transplant from the Charlottesville, VA music scene, Ragland has a wealth of touring experience, sharing bills with a diverse range of acts including the Dave Matthews Band, members of the Allman Brothers Band and piano virtuoso Ran Blake.

"It's a drag to explain what category your music fits into. I think that the harder it is to categorize, the more interesting it's going to be," says Ethan Mallove. "I imagine Coltrane playing with the Beach Boys, Bartok writing a tune for the Stones." Having studied improvisation for the past five years, Ethan enjoys writing pop-oriented material with elements of jazz.

"Trikona presents me with the challenge of finding the perfect groove to unify the music, lyrics and mood of a song," remarks Eric Platz. "I try to connect with all of my musical influences, whether it's Brazilian drumming, Led Zeppelin or Miles Davis." Possessing a diverse range of performing experience ­ from Carnival samba bands in Rio to avant-garde jazz ensembles in Brussels ­ Eric brings a singular style of rhythmic energy and propulsion to the trio. His active involvement in the Boston jazz scene is evident in the way he approaches the group's repertoire.

With diverse influences which range from Charles Mingus to Steely Dan, Trikona aims to create a music that is reflective of its members, and to deliver this music with both conviction and intensity.

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