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Serious, schooled musicians Ethan Mallove- keyboards, accordion, vibraphone and vocals; Eric Platz- drums and Gar Ragland- bass, guitars and vocals, display glimpses of eccentric genius.

Northeast Performer, February 2001 

I can hear Zappa, tight Steely Dan harmonies, quirky lyrics, skillful playing, and flashes of REAL jazz. Eric Platz's drumming skills harken back to some of my favorite Elvin Jones moments. Ethan Mallove's Rhodes reminds me of early Herbie Hancock and Gar Ragland's vocal and basswork, particularly in the soulful ballad "Summer Haze," absolutely gives me goose bumps!

This is a very complex, sophisticated hybrid of a multitude of musical styles that's guaranteed to please those who want their aural senses stimulated and challenged.

The Noise, December 2000

With layers of vocal harmonies buttoned up to odd time signatures and musical fluctuations, Trikona makes their personal experiences a spacious romp of sight and sound. Their clever control of musical imagery and mastery of delivery makes them one of the most refreshing acts Boston has seen in years.

–Metronome, November 2000


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