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A purebred Appalachian and veteran of advanced studies at the innovative New England Conservatory Department of Contemporary Improvisation, songwriter, guitarist and producer Gar Ragland’s original music represents a bridge between the simple storytelling of traditional folk music and the melodic and harmonic inventions of modern jazz.

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A native of Colorado, Julie Geller began composing songs in high school. She studied Visual Arts at Harvard University and then attended the New England Conservatory of Music, where she studied songwriting under the tutelage of Hankus Netsky and Ran Blake. Her debut release, This Road, is the latest release on the Riparius label.

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Formed as an outlet for creative songwriting and instrumental improvisation, Trikona took its first breath in the basement of Boston's New England Conservatory in the spring of 1999. The trio's name, meaning "three corners" in Sanskrit, reflects the way that each of its members uniquely contributes to the musical development of the group. Trikona's creative direction is founded on strong songwriting, tightly executed vocal harmonies and a deep respect for the groove.

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