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Trio's Eclectic Fusion of Pop, Jazz, Folk and Funk
Blend Seamlessly in Debut Release

Boston, MA (August 15, 2000) - A bold and unique sound has landed on the Boston music scene with the introduction of Trikona's self-titled debut. Pressed on the independent label Riparius Records, the release is the first offering by the trio and features 19 tracks of captivating originality.

"Our name Trikona means 'three corners' in Sanskrit," said Gar Ragland, the band's bassist, guitarist and singer who also produced the debut release. "This album reflects the three corners of our musical worlds, dovetailing together to form a music that truly reflects our collective voice and creative vision. This project is all about strong songwriting, tight vocal harmonies and a deep respect for the groove."

The project was recorded over a period of one year in the backwoods of West Virginia, the mountains of upstate New York and the cacophony of Boston. "With both reckless abandon and calculated precision, we blend southern folk with classical, samba with straight-up pop, and jazz with hard rock," remarked the band's drummer Eric Platz. "This amalgam of styles enables us to push the creative envelope in a variety of directions."

Michael launches the CD out of the blocks with all the components of a Mamas and Papas hit from the 60's, with a nod to Bartok included on the bridge. Jolting the listener into Crosby, Stills and Nash la-la land, 'Ted' is capped by a drum-thunder concoction. The bandmembers then lead their listeners into the bayous of Louisiana with Tchefuncte Funk, surrendering to an infectious New Orleans groove that stirs the likeness of the Meters and Nevilles.

A rendering of "Willie Nelson meets Wayne Shorter" auctions off the controversial topic of Cold Fusion in the witty track Fire and Ice. Feeble Fuels, the sister track to Fire and Ice, simultaneously salutes Brazilian samba and Burt Bacharach alongside a lyric that rants on the corrupt fossil fuel establishment. Stifled is a schizophrenic masterpiece, utilizing a harmonic intelligence merged with Chris Cornell's lovechild.

The trio's more sensitive side is revealed in the folk-influenced Mrs. Knight and Summer Haze, a lament on a faded love affair. The album achieves its climax on Loneliness Leads to Madness, a disturbed and distorted rock anthem for the new millennium. Trikona's billboard worthy Scared delivers an irresistibly catchy melody.

"This album successfully eschews a category," laughs Ethan Mallove, the band's keyboardist, vibist and singer. "It's a giant load of laundry that can't be parsed into darks and lights... all the colors bleed into each other on this one."


Trikona is the debut release for Riparius Records, the Boston-based music production company founded by Gar Ragland in the spring of 2000. The album Trikona can be purchased through the Riparius Records website. For booking, ordering and information, contact Riparius Records at info@ripariusrecords.com.


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