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UNTETHERED | Gar Ragland
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With the spirit of a boxcar troubadour, the complexly introspective nature of Nick Drake, and unusual chord structures of his mentor—enigmatic jazz pianist and educator Ran Blake—Ragland filters elements of his own life and Appalachian heritage through the lenses of his unique songwriting and innovative country-picker-meets-jazz-guitar sound.

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THIS ROAD | Julie Geller Song Project
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Julie Geller’s much-anticipated first CD, This Road, is an eclectic collection of songs that are held together by exemplary songwriting, superb musicianship and a genuine live and improvisational feel. The tracks range from soulful gospel and traditional Jewish music to contemporary Israeli, rock and folk.

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TRIKONA | Trikona
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Strong songwriting, tight vocal harmonies and a deep respect for the groove characterize this 'Steely Dan meets Frank Zappa' project. The CD was recorded over a period of one year in the backwoods of West Virginia, the mountains of upstate New York and the cacophony of Boston. . .

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